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The Diaries of Princess Powerful

Molly Hayes
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I am PRINCESS POWERFUL!!! But Chase tries to call me Bruiser. Stupid Chase. Bruiser is a dumb name. It's for boys. Besides, Princess Powerful is a kazillion times cooler than Bruuuiser. My real name is Molly though. I'm not a super hero, because super heroes are way lame. My friends and I do try to run around and help people though! It's fun! We get to take on mean grown ups with even stupider names than Bruiser while hopping around in our giant talking frog. My friends say that my parents were super villains, but I wish they weren't. I miss them. Lots. Why do grown ups have to all be so mean? I'm not gonna be mean when I grow up!!!

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**Molly Hayes is copyright Marvel Comics and is the creation of Brian K. Vaughan, all praise to his awesomeness. I roleplay her for fun but not profit. There are advertisements in this journal, but LJ is the one making money off that, not me. I'm just whoring out my eyes for more icons. Damn their addictive allure...**